The Human Rights Tribunal Recognizes that the Action Plan created by Uena for the Repentigny Police Goes Beyond What Is Recommended

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Montreal, July 27, 2022, The Quebec Human Rights Tribunal recognizes the impact of and work of Uena with the Repentigny Police Service (SPVR) in a judgement rendered on July 20.

In her decision Justice Thibault expressed her satisfaction with the measures taken by the SPVR since its accompaniment by the agency: “The SPVR hired experts to guide them in bringing about change.The SPVR’s plan goes further than what the commission [CDPDJ] recommends. The SPVR is working at the heart of the matter and is no longer at the minimum of what needs to be done to address racial profiling.”

Over the past two years, Uena has been working closely with the SPVR to implement an action plan that seeks to create a profound cultural change across the organisation’s practices. This includes the integration of Diversity Equity Inclusion (DEI) skills in the roles and responsibilities of Sergeants, Lieutenants and Chief Inspectors. Furthermore, the creation of a dialogue space with Repentigny’s organisations has led to a better collaboration between the organisations on the ground and the police service. The gatherings that took place led to open discussions on concrete ways to address issues of racial profiling among others.

The action plan developed for the SPVR reflects Uena’s approach, which aims for lasting change and impact. This is why, throughout the implementation of this plan, Uena ensures that each action integrates human rights and Principles set out by the Charter as stated by the Commission (CDPDJ).

“We are delighted that the Tribunal recognizes the impact of the measures deployed by the SPVR with the support of Uena and underlines the in-depth questioning of the police practices which it has caused. We also want to underline the continuous commitment and work of the SPVR’s police officers in carrying this through.”Said Dafina Savic, main consultant at Uena.

July 27, 2022

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