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PR and governance services to help organizations realize the growth potential of connecting with a diversity of people

Who we are

Uena is a social impact agency specializing in inclusive governance and community relations. We exist to help organizations redefine how to turn their values into tangible and inclusive actions.

What we do

Inclusive governance

We support your strategic planning on ethics, responsibility and governance, and offer training enabling you to stand out from the crowd and meet the demands of your target market and audience.

Impact communications

We offer innovative, creative and scalable communications solutions that help you engage and communicate with new audiences by embracing diverse perspectives, ideas and approaches.

Mobilizing community relations

We help you increase your impact via collaboration, partnerships and genuine community engagement to propel and promote your organization, projects or campaigns to a new and untapped demographic.

Why work with us?

Real life experiences

We come from a place of understanding and have an extensive partner network.

Eye-opening process

Working with us can reveal underlying opportunities that you didn’t know about.

Tangible solutions

Our recommendations are always realistic, actionable, and mindful of their impact.

Our impact

From general to case-based analyses, Uena’s intuitive approach makes it possible to grasp the issues of diversity and inclusion with simplicity, accuracy, rigour.
NewCities connected with Agence Uena to support our 2019 Wellbeing Cities Forum. Agence Uena provided excellent social media and media coverage for the event, and the team loved their work.

Co Founders

Shahad Salman

Shahad Salman

Eager to seeing small gestures make a big impact, Shahad always finds ideas outside the box to meet the complex standards of ethics, social responsibility and inclusion generated by constantly evolving social trends. A lawyer by training with ten years of experience, she puts her skills to work to find the words, the plan and the strategy that will allow you to generate an impact for your business and the community around you.

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Dafina Savic

Dafina Savic

Building meaningful partnerships and generating impact is what drives her work every day. Dafina has helped public institutions and non-for-profit organisations develop programs that allowed them to reach different audiences. With a background in political science and extensive experience in international and public relations, Dafina has worked with a wide range of national and international stakeholders. She brings her expertise and creativity in building impactful campaigns taking into account a diversity of perspectives.

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Diversity is not a phenomenon, but a fact. It is not cultural, but human. It is neither an issue nor a challenge. Diversity, simply, needs to be recognized.

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