Companies today are not only promoting healthy lifestyles and strong values for employees, but also committing to sustainable development and causes important to their communities. On election day, take it one step further and lead the way in supporting democracy.  With declining voter turnout, it’s crucial to acknowledge that electoral participation is a shared social […]

The word diversity is on everyone’s lips and is on the radar of all organizations. The global impact of social events like the deaths of George Floyd and Joyce Echaquan has sparked a collective awakening, prompting organizations to reflect on questions of diversity. However, we often forget that diversity does not necessarily mean inclusion.   […]

As we begin 2023, society faces numerous challenges, from inflation to healthcare and education to climate change. But there is hope. More and more companies are recognizing their role in contributing to the world around them.   The pandemic has heightened awareness of companies’ social responsibilities, with a growing trend of organizations looking to “do good.” […]

Montreal, July 27, 2022, The Quebec Human Rights Tribunal recognizes the impact of and work of Uena with the Repentigny Police Service (SPVR) in a judgement rendered on July 20. In her decision Justice Thibault expressed her satisfaction with the measures taken by the SPVR since its accompaniment by the agency: “The SPVR hired experts […]

Changing the way we talk about diversity. The way we talk about racism today, especially in the context  of  the federal elections campaign, serves neither society nor its different components.  While issues of discrimination, racism and inequalities do make headlines, it feels like we are moving further and further away from finding solutions. We should […]

Since 2007, February has officially become, through a law passed by the National Assembly, Black History Month (BHM) in Québec. This Month falls within a movement, initiated in the United States, that aims to highlight black heritage from the four corners of America. This event seeks to commemorate in a more accurate and objective manner […]