It’s 2021, Let’s maximize our social impact!

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Whilst the pandemic has profoundly changed all of our habits, it has also highlighted the wide scope of existing social inequalities. As a result, business leaders, consumers, governments, and civil society actors have had to rapidly re-evaluate their objectives, their values, and ponder on the utility of their social contributions. So, we’ve asked ourselves: how can we maximize the positive impacts of our actions? And how do we ensure that our day-to-day decisions create a socially beneficial imprint?   

In 2020, several companies have undertaken a social shift by reorienting their production towards essential goods, while others have been more proactive in strengthening their public relations to express their support for the common good and their concern for social issues. At Uena, contributing to the social impact of the activities of the clients we work with is a priority. The essence of our approach is about generating an impact through the lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion, also known as DEI. We also recommend other approaches, to better suit the different needs of our clients. 

Surely, regardless of the framework analysis, we choose to apply, one thing remains certain: we always seek to optimize the social impact of our actions. And that these may have the greatest possible local impact. This is our promise and our commitment. 

This year, more than ever, we are becoming increasingly aware of the impact of our actions, whether they be related to the way we consume, purchase goods, or even the way in which we respond to social issues. As we have seen these past days, the spirit of the holiday season often compels us to show generosity and kindness. During this time, the reflex of many companies is to make donations to charitable organizations, as a way to express their solidarity and their compassion towards situations of vulnerability. 

What if for 2021, we expanded our thinking, by exploring the impacts we can have beyond the donations we make to charities? What if we used the DEI approach to maximize our impact? This is not to undermine the value of donations, but rather it’s about recognizing that we can do more and do it better. Especially when thinking about the intent of the content and the source of our purchases or by including our employees in our social impact actions. This is the essence of a DEI approach. 

This year, before giving, before expressing our support for a cause, let us ask ourselves this question: how can we maximize the positive impact of our actions, beyond the foundations to which we subscribe to? We are convinced that the answer to this question will inspire you to make new choices and have a renewed impact on your organization.

The Uena team wishes you an impactful and Happy New Year!

June 29, 2021

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