Needless to say that 2020 has been and will remain a transition year in many regards. It made all of us reflect on how we do things. The tragic events that took place in the US last summer, as well as the closer and more recent ones here, have led many organizations to rethink their […]

Whilst the pandemic has profoundly changed all of our habits, it has also highlighted the wide scope of existing social inequalities. As a result, business leaders, consumers, governments, and civil society actors have had to rapidly re-evaluate their objectives, their values, and ponder on the utility of their social contributions. So, we’ve asked ourselves: how […]

The uncertainty that we have been facing with the daily evolution of the global pandemic has had a growing impact on the way organizations interact, connect and communicate with their employees and clients. Work/life balance, physical, emotional and financial well-being have all taken a new meaning during the last few weeks. Today, more than ever, […]